Android vs iOS 7 : The Neck to Neck Comparison

Today Mobile technology is very hype in market. Next stage smartphone war has been created between iPhone , Samsung , LG , HTC. In mobile competition Operating System is perform main role. Two most popular OS are Android by Google and iOS by Apple. Both are try to compete to one another. Apple launched new OS iOS 7  in comparison of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. iOS 7 launched with new Skins and features , flat gaming. But many people has a confusion which is the best Operating System. I am introducing Android vs iOS 7 The Neck to Neck Comparison for clear your confusing.

Quick Toggles –:

Android vs iOS 7

In Apple mobile toggles are added in quick swipe up button. All toggles like –: Bluetooth, brightness settings, camera shortcut,Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, music control, flashlight graced with a panel. In Android 4.2 toggles are came after two- finger swipe down.

Lock Screen –:

Lock Screen

The two and more tabs are shown in iOS 7 lock screen. Notification bar can open when screen locked. In other hand Android has three tabs (Answering call, End Call, Message ) are shown when screen locked.

Web Browser –:

Web Browser

Apple use Safari as a web browser and Android use Chrome for web browsing. Safari had tab view that is shows all tabs. All tabs are shown in 3D view ,scrolling , quick access. 3D view are not available in Chrome.

Multitasking –:

The multitasking features almost same in Android and iOS 7. In iOS 7 running apps are shown in horizontal view with thumbnail view at bottom of screen and frequently used app are run in background. In Android running apps are came in vertical appearing view.

Home Screen –:

Comparing of both screen Android home screen are better from iOS . You can put your widgets and app shortcut , folder on the home screen . iOS 7 have not compatibility with apps short and folder put on Home screen . It has grid view home screen . You can create many folder at the home screen and more apps can update in folder.

Security –: A US government report in July 79% Malware are affected to Android phone. In other hand iPhone has affected to the ‘human error’ like –: log in to wrong website or harmful website, giving personal information on web etc. The update version is capable to overcome this problem . iOS 7 is taking automatically security update to safe your device. In Android latest version some plugs are added of security to provide better security your device.

Camera –:

iOS 7 camera       Android Camera

The latest iOS 7 device has native camera app, it is clean versatile and shoot slow motion . The photo management feature is very powerful and easy to use. If we are move towards to Android has good camera no doubt but no different feature to other. Recently Google purchases image-editing service Snapseed probably to increase camera quality.

The list is show all comparison in short –:


iOS 7 Android 4.2 aka Jelly Bean

Control Center

Yes, varies by phone-maker

Notification center

Detailed notifications

Multitasking preview option

Viewing recent list

Surfaced camera modes

Varies by Android skin

Photos grouped by years, location

Albums, other filters

Shared photo stream

Samsung Galaxy S4 (probably Nexus 4 also)

Peer-to-peer sharing (AirDrop)

Android Beam (NFC)

Unified browser bar


iTunes Radio

Google Play Music


Samsung’s S Voice

Automatic app updates

Yes, varies by phone-maker


Activation lock (via iCloud)

No, optional, by app

In-dash integration (iOS for cars)


Driving mode/S Drive