Apple iOS 8 Is Official Now

Apple iOS 8 Is Official Now &  Was Officially Unveiled At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference on June 2 (Around 2:30 AM In India) .A beta version of the software was made available to developers that same day, with a public launch coming in the fall of 2014.

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Apple iOS 8 Is Official Now

Key Features Of iOS 8 :-

  • Family Sharing
  • Quick Type Keyboard
  • Shazam + Siri Integration
  • Interactive Notifications
  • Health App
  • Continuity

In WWDC As Apple Releases iOS 8 with its new features like – continuity which allows ios 8 to better integrate with Apple OS X.iOS 8 Also offers improvements in its existing Functions like Notification Centre By Adding Third Party widgets to it , Messages, A Health App and a Quick type keyboard with also enabling Third party Keyboards to be Used instead of a stock one.



Apple iOS 8 Launches feature of “Family Sharing” In Which upto 6 Family Members Can Connect Together With itune Account that uses the same credit card and make the payment with one card only for all 6 and purchase apps,music,ebooks,etc over Apple Stores.

Family Sharing Also Lets Enable to Share photos,videos,etc between a family and can emerge clicks  with one deice to all 6 family devices, and it lets parents to keep an eye on a kid activities and also helps in finding a lost device of a family member.

Apple ios 8 Family Sharing



Now As With The launch of ios 8 and OS X Yosemite User can make or Receive calls and messages both from ipad and Mac As long as devices are connected to same wifi network.Making A Call on ipad and mac now can be done by Clicking on the number or profile photo in Contacts,calendar,safari.

And Now iPhone User can send Voice sms and Video Message through stock Message application only with lots of good features Enabled and no need of any third party app to send a voice message.

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Integration Of call & sms On all iDevices



QUICKTYPE Is Designed To offer Word Suggestion While Typing. As the user will type it will show next word predictions and will adopt the suggestion learning from the style of inputs which user will enter while texting.And this keyboard will be enable in all the texting apps like Messages,Mail,safari,etc.

Apple also mentioned in WWDC that it will enable “Third Party Keyboards App” For the first time for users which will let the user decide that what type of Keyboard Style they will prefer, like – swype keyboards and others.

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QuickType - New Keyboard for iOS 8

  • SIRI

Siri in iOS 8 Now can be activated through voice command “Hey Siri” as from now no need of Pressing the home button for a long time , this feature will be very helpful while driving . And now “SHAZAM” is also integrated with Siri to Help in recognizing the near by played music without a third party app. Siri now also support 22 International Languages.

New Siri on iOS 8 with Shazam integration


iOS 8 now features a HealthKit suite which gathers all data collected from the device’s tracking apps and various third-party accessories. Apple has teamed up with a number of partners on the health suite including Nike and the Mayo clinic. And In India may Be this Feature will be of No Need because as of now apple has collaborated with US partners only but still it’s a Great integration to iOS 8 by apple.

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iOS 8 Official Health app


Spotlight is one of the biggest change in iOS 8 because from spotlight one can not only search things from Device Internal storage but from whole Internet like now One can search for a movie and if the movie is being playing in your nearby theatres than spotlight will tell you every details about – cinema hall, timings,locations , etc.

If the User is searching for a Word than spotlight will show direct suggestions from wikipedia and from device storage too.

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iOS 8 Spotlight


Panaromic Mode was Introduced On iOS a while ago, but with iOS 8 The Mode is now both capable on iPhone and iPad with a Self timer mode from 3 to 10 Seconds.The new time lapse video mode is also added to camera which let user to take click at dynamic selected intervals.

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iOS 8 Camera


Notification Center Is also a Big Update in iOS 8 , it allows user right from notification center to give a reply to emails, calendar invitations, reminders, and more from Current notification Banner just by sliding it down without leaving the current app . This Features also enable user to Give reply to third party apps like – Facebook,Whatsapp by replying or commenting on A Post right from Notification Panel.

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iOS 8 Notification Center


TouchID is A big update For iPhone 5S Users Because now in iOS8 users can have touchid lock on even third party apps which was not available on iOS7 So it’s a Big step by apple in Privacy Protection.

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iOS 8 Touch ID


So As Apple iOS 8 Is Official Now , Developers will Be able to test the Beta Version of  iOS8 , which is now being seeded to all Apple Developers For Testing. And Final Version of iOS8 is Soon to Expected in the year Fall.

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