Best Top 10 Apps To Follow FIFA 2014 World Cup

Are you a FIFA lover ? Missing the biggest Football Carnival this year..?? Many faces have shattered their smile as they have got to know the timings for Live Matches of FIFA Football World Cup 2014.You should not get upset as Today I am going to display you Best Top 10 Apps To Follow FIFA 2014 World Cup just on your smartphone. Have a Striker’s eye on the Top 10 Apps to get updates about your favorite matches. Best Top 10 Apps To Follow FIFA 2014 World Cup

FIFA 2014 World Cup this year has been organized in Brazil. According to the Indian clock all the matches for the FIFA 2014 will be telecast at 01:30 am (as per Indian timing). Due to this reason, many fans are not able to watch their favorite players doing their smart goals. But whatever till yet, now I am providing you 10 Apps which will provide you latest updates of matches.

Check Best Top 10 Apps To Follow FIFA 2014 World Cup :-

Liv Sport to watch FIFA 2014

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Liv Sports :-
Sony is the official partner to broadcast all the matches for FIFA 2014 at the Indian timings. It has provided Liv Service to watch LIVE matches on your smartphone or tablet. To take a ride to the FIFA Football matches all you need to do is just pay RS 120 and you can watch entire tournament and if you want to watch only your favorite teams’ matches then you need to pay Rs 60 and you will be able to see your favorite team matches.
FIFA Official App

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FIFA Official App :-
FIFA’s official and YouTube are that sources on which can get all the information about FIFA World Cup 2014. But on YouTube you will not be able to watch LIVE streaming of the matches, you can only get Highlights of Matches, Interviews of the players after or Before the matches and classic matches. You can download it from your App Store or from Google Play Store.
Tata Sky Mobile App

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Tata Sky Mobile :-
This is the another way when you are not able to access Football Matches on your televisions. If your are a Tata Sky user then all you need to do is just download the official Tata Sky App for mobile on your smartphone. It will be chargeable for Rs 60/- only and by this you will be able to watch Sony SIX channel the official broadcaster of FIFA on your smartphone.
Tuneln Radio App to watch FIFA World Cup

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Tuneln Radio :-
This is that app which will make you lost in that world where Televisions are not household things. This App Tuneln Radio will allow you to hear LIVE commentary for all the FIFA Matches. This service has programs scheduled as well as podcasts for the LIVE matches.
ESPNFC App for Football World

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ESPN has totally changed its official website as well as updates his iOS and Android App ahead of the World CUP. When a match is being played by any team, this service then provide you LIVE blogs, scores, commentary etc.
Eurosports App for Smartphone

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Eurosports :-
This app is dedicated to every sport. One can watch LIVE score, blog, comments, interviews from this app not only for FIFA but its is also applicable for other games also. There are sections which are dedicated to the specific games.there are sections for the FIFA Football matches also.It can also ranking of the teams, profiles , fixtures and latest updates on them.
UC Browser App

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UC Browser :-
UC browser has granted latest updates about he FIFA matches for Android and Windows Phone users. Now this app will make it easier to watch LIVE streaming, scores, blog etc. on your mobiles.

Facebook and Twitter World Cup Hubs :- Facebook is used by every user on this smartphones, tablets, PC etc. It has produced a new hub called “Trending World Cup” which will broadcast live scores, match schedules, real time posts by one’s friend. There is also a new sharing option called “Now Watching” that got updated according to the ongoing matches. Same has been done with the Twitter. It has also made hub called “#World CUP”.
Google Now & Google Treads App

Google Now & Google Treads :-
Google Trends and Google App are those applications which will provide you quick and fastest access to live scores. blog, commentary and interviews of your favorite players after the matches. it will provide you the details about what people are searching in the read time.

Sony SIX YouTube :-
Sony SIX and YouTube are the official partners to the FIFA 2014 World Cup so people can watch streaming of the matches on the Sony SIX YouTube channel and it will show you all the recent updates about any match.

Conclusion :- These are Best Top 10 Apps To Follow FIFA 2014 World Cup which will be accessed from any where on your smartphone and football match lovers can get vast knowledge in the meantime after not being in touch with the Television. Try these apps and have fun with your favorite matches.