Google Revels Chrome OS for Note Book , PC to Compete with Microsoft

Google Chrome OS is an Operating System developed by Google. Chrome is a largely cloud based operating system. Google’s Chrome is discover for on the assumption that user those are attempt most of time on web. Chrome is introducing in 2009. Today Chrome’s 25 version are came in market.  The new version is come with multimonitor, support , better search engine ,best Bluetooth connectivity. The all online application are run on Chrome OS. Google is work to come closed “app” environment those are opened offline performance.

Google Chrome For Laptop

The new concept behind this OS is only for cloud  using web apps and web storage . you can not download any program in this OS. The Idea is came from if don’t have any driver and software in PC, when you start your PC your PC booting time is less. Your login screen came in few minutes. Chrome OS is uses for  good HTML apps , cloud storage , cloud doc , so this OS is very hype in market. The OS is better for traditional desktop and operating system X and windows.

Chrome OS Desktop

Some quarries are arising to know how to Chrome is beneficial for me? So here I am Introducing how Chrome OS is beneficial for you when you install it.

Google Chrome OS Features-:

  1. Interface –:

    Chrome has released first beta . The tab has every thing and below row has combined search / address bar  or “ Omnibox” . The people can make presentation in dropdown for its favorites sites.  In Chrome  page icon  is delete and make wrench button with some new function. The new, paste, copy, zooming option and submenu are in wrench. Its theme look like a web page displaying in main browser window with separate dialog box(History, Extensions, Bookmarks, and even Options).

  2. Speech –:

    The Chrome 25 has come with Siri application . You can entered your text by voice. Google has posted a text page that is show a new API. The page is show WebRTC you can access webcam and microphone. The browser is start with a bar that is allows Deny access for mic. Many language option are available for entering text, transformation is accurate.

  3. Fast Booting –:

    No more driver and software files so PC is start very fast compare to MAC , Linux & Windows. The Chrome webpage is running very fast and update automatically. When Chrome is start firstly many option is show like Yahoo, Google, Bing. Firstly you must have to log in your Google account and select your browser . You have some feature here solipsistic view of the Web, browser tracking.

  4. PDF Reader & Built In Flesh –:

    The Chrome is first browser those have Adobe Flash built in. So you have not need to install separate installation. The PDF is install already you can read all document with full zooming facility and take its print by cloud service. Just click on IE option it is send document automatically to printer through media. You have all option related to print.

  5. Chrome Instant –:

    Chrome Instant is beautiful feature in Chrome. When you are entering web address in Omnibox it is search all its history and show page at bottom of web browser. Some Google website are preloaded in  SPDY to fast browsing.

  6. Tabtastic –:

    Tabtastic is another good feature it is make fast your browsing. You can make tabs icon on desktop. Chrome has new tab page those have all history about  most visiting page and recently closed tabs.  You can switch between apps and page, a large arrow is show side of window for shifting.

  7. Performance-:

    The browser is popular for fast browsing . It has less time for page request and page completion.

  8. Security-:

    Google Chrome OS was path-breaking in a security. Your important document and program is automatically send in Sandboxed.It is update regularly by Google integrating flesh. For more security you can store your data in Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects like “Flash cookies”. It has safe browsing remove all malware and virus same as anti-malware and –phishing protections.

  9. Privacy-:

    The Chrome developer promises to customer it has support Do not Track privacy option. The Do not Track is strongest privacy protection option. Your important data is saved any tracking . The cookies are permit  to all website and , location , media, plugins,notification as per your instruction. Incognito is secure to you when your browsing in public mode. No one can see your browsing.

So I am Recommend for using Google Chrome OS if you are spent your more time on internet. Because Chrome’s Develop for Safe Browsing is faster, more reliable, and use of disk less. You will have no problems with Google Chrome Operating System.