HACK – A Programming Language Developed By Facebook

Facebook’s Hack is a dream come true for engineers as this language combines elements of both Static And Dynamic languages. so that programmers can retain all the speed they had with a dynamic language (like ruby or PHP), while through HACK a programmer can also catch mistakes before runtime with early error detection which was earlier only seen with Static language.

HACK – A Programming Language Developed By Facebook

Source : thehackernews.com

So HACK – A Programming Language Developed By Facebook which has migrated almost all of its PHP-based site to Hack over the last year (one of the beauties of Hack is that it coexists seamlessly with PHP files). Facebook has now made the language open-source, meaning that any engineer can use it and help improve it and its Totally FREE.

Basically HACK is A programming Language For Hip-Hop Virtual Machine Invented By Facebook.

What is HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine ) ?

HHVM Is A Series of PHP Execution engines and improvement created by Facebook.The original motivation to invent HHVM was to save resources of Facebook servers,giving the large codebase of facebook.com.As the development of HHVM progressed it was realised that HHVM could substantially increase the speed of PHP Applications In General.A stated goal of HHVM to provide high level Compatibility.

“We can say with complete assurance that this has been as battle-tested as it can possibly be,” Bryan O’Sullivan, the Facebook engineer behind the language, said in a statement.
Experts say Hack is a new version of PHP — the language Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used when he started building Facebook.

“You edit a file and you reload a web page and you immediately get the feedback. You get both safety and speed,” O’Sullivan added.

HACK makes it easier to Manage Code And eliminates Error.This type of language provides benefit without slowing down the Developer, unlike others HACK can run without compiling.The main Positive Point About the language is that facebook already uses it to run its own site, which is the worlds most popular and best secured social website.

Business Insider connected with Gabe Levi, one of the engineers who led most of Facebook’s conversion to Hack, and he answered our questions via email:

How do you think that other companies / programmers will benefit from using Hack?

Hack helps you write correct code faster. Hack adds safety nets while avoiding slowing you down and adds language features that make coding in Hack more enjoyable. Converting PHP code to Hack is easy and can be done gradually, as PHP and Hack work together when run with HHVM. The use case can range from one person working on an app to a scale computing company like Facebook. We’re putting Hack out there along with an improved HHVM because it can be relevant to everyone.

How does it feel to have completed a project that will increase speed for the entire FB engineering team?

It is immensely satisfying to build useful things for your friends, and that’s what we’ve had the opportunity to do.

Any moments stand out when working on this project as particularly memorable breakthroughs?

I consider Hack the product of a lot of hard work and a tight feedback loop with our original users, the engineers at Facebook. There are many great, original ideas in Hack, but our success at Facebook was the result of a lot of fine tuning rather than large breakthroughs.

Facebook Code Of Hack

so simply HACK is the New programming trend in the market which insisting Many Developers To give it a Try with its so many loaded features and fast development and as it is developed Facebook of its own so no doubt that the language will hit the Sky in Coming years.

Beta Code is Available at – www.hacklang.org And you can also get Hack programming Tutorial From the Website to get A point to point knowledge about The HACK.