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Video Call comprises the technologies for the reception and transmission of Audio-Video signals by users at different locations, for communication between people in real-time. And in todays world This Feature is Much Important in life but One don’t Know How To Use it or one think Like – How To Make Video Calls ? So the Answer to all your questions are below lets Find Out The Solution for Each.



If you have a 3G service enabled handset and a 3G SIM (which is known as USIM) then you need to follow following steps to enable video call service for your self on your handset: a. Go to menu b. Click on setting™ button. c. Click on network d. Click on network mode e. Here you will see three options Dual, UMTS and GSM f. Clicking on Dual mode will first reboot your handset and then make your handset active for 3G network wherever it is available else the handset will remain active as it does in ordinary 2G/ 2.5 G network. Once your handset is in dual mode it will give preference to 3G network i.e. if both 2G/ 2.5G and 3G networks are there then will work in 3G Network.

When You and your friend both have 3g networks/Mobiles Than just Dial the end user number but the only difference is you have to press video call button instead of normal calling (All 3g mobiles have video calling button ). Then just jold the device in front of you by looking at its screen .Stepwise: a. Key in the number of the person you wish to see and speak to b. Press video calling button to make your call c. Your video call is connceted. So You good to go to have an Video Call on your 3G Network.

Video Call on 3G Network

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STEP 1) Get a computer or a Phone Whichever is Suitable And the computer you have , need to have a webcam and a microphone for sound+Video Transmission.

STEP 2) Make A SKYPE Account – Just goto or Download An Android/iOS App According to suitable OS and You will be able to create a Account Without any issues.

Make A SKYPE Account

STEP 3) Add Friends – Ask around about who has a Skype, if someone does ask for their username. Then go on Skype search the real name or there username and click add.

Add Friends

STEP 4) Now Start Chatting with them and ask if they have a good network connection and objects like – webcam,microphone,etc. For A Video Call

STEP 5) There Should Be A Big Green Button At Top Right which States – start a video call – CLICK IT

There Should Be A Big Green Button At Top Right which States – start a video call – CLICK IT

STEP 6 ) Now Hang Up with Video Call when you are done with your conversation.



STEP 1) Open your web browser and login yo your facebook account from desktop & On smartphones simply install facebook messenger app.

Step 2) As soon u will open the facebook account on desktop , at right side there will be an chat panel of your friends who are added on your FB account.


STEP 3) Now just Click on friends name who is online, than will be a separate popup of chat window will be opened up.


STEP 4) Now Just Click On The Icon which have Video Camera Symbol And you will be ready for an Video Call.

STEP 5) Now the Server will wait for a response for end user to get connected and when both users will be connected Than you are god to go with your Video Call.

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