“Lollipop or Ladoo” : Upcoming Android Version for Smartphone

What would you prefer “Lollipop or Ladoo” ?? Confused on what I am saying. No problems at all because I am not trying to make you eat these stuff inspite I am inviting you to read out the this Lollipop or Ladoo mystery as Android after announcing its KitKat version (4.4.2) is planning to release “Lollipop or Ladoo” Upcoming Android Version for Smartphone : Rumors Says. Android Next Version Android LollipopAs per the Google I/O 2014 which has been closed to make mystery or rise up the expectation for their new Android Version has declared it on a serious note that the new Version of Android will be named on the letter “L” and possibly it will be named as Lollipop or Ladoo. Lollipop is a candy like dessert liked all over the world by children and Ladoo is an Indian Sweet. Sounds pretty much interesting, so lets have a tasty look on the latest android versions. Android Latest Version would be Android Ladoo

Glance Over “Lollipop or Ladoo” Upcoming Android Version :-

Expectation from the Google are on its urge that it will soon going to unleash the“Lollipop or Ladoo” Upcoming Android Version after announcing the later one Kitkat. It can be seenin the  new reports of Google that as the people are following the FIFA 2014 World Cup, images about that are showing very clear details about the New Release of Android. It is showing 05:00 in the clock.

You won’t be understanding that why am I discussing this time based thing to you ? Here, I am going to give you answer for all your questions as if we see the earlier shots presented by Google itself the devises launched shows the Time as their android version based upon. Means if we are talking about the Gingerbread Smartphone the clock would be showing 02:30 as the android version is 2.3.

Android Version Released

Same like this, the clock for Jelly beans smartphones is showing 04:20 as Android version is 4.2. The KitKat smartphones are showing 04:40 as Android is 4.4.2. Now if we talk about the next version then it would be 04:50 but rather than that it is showing 05:00, so it can be considered that new version will be of 5.0 or like that capacity.

Check Out Android Latest Versions

A new report says that Google will launch this Android “Lollipop or Ladoo” Upcoming Android Version variant with the overtaking program called : “ Quantum Paper”. Rest details will be updated soon as the Google will start its Google I/O 2014 about the Android Latest Version. Till then keep thinking which will be more tasty in taste “ Lollipop or Ladoo” ?????