Google Roll out Android latest Version 5.0 “Lollipop” : Check the Tasty Ingredients

Google has unveil its new dessert for every one “Lollipop” which will provide you different taste while using it. Confused ? No problems at all because I am not trying to make you eat this stuff inspite I am inviting you to read out this Lollipop mystery as Android after announcing its KitKat version (4.4.2) has announced “Lollipop (5.0)” Upcoming Android Version for Smartphone.

Android Latest Version 5.0 Lollipop

As per the Google I/O 2014 which has been closed to make mystery or rise up the expectation for their new Android Version has declared it on a serious note that the new Version of Android will be named on the letter “L” and after a few weeks it is disclosed as “Lollipop”. Lollipop is a candy like dessert liked all over the world by children. Sounds pretty much interesting, so lets have a tasty look on the features it would be having.

Android 5.0 Features and Updates :-

Expectation from the Google are on its urge that it will soon going to roll out its new Android Version 5.0 in every device.  It can be seen in the  new reports of Google that short codes has been issued to some manufacturer for testing the android version on various terms like battery life, better UI and other features.

There wil be so many changes in the Android 5.0 update as this version would be the king on its previous one. KitKat has provided a new Call Log and other amazing features but in this Users will get the following below mentioned features as expected :

  • Material Design
  • Redesigned Navigation Keys
  • New App Switcher Menu
  • Overhauled Notification Panel
  • New Lock Screen Notification
  • More Control Over Notification
  • New Keyboard
  • New Dialer App
  • Multiple User Profile
  • Fitness Hub

These will be the prominent features one will going to enjoy in Android Lollipop update. Details about these functions is mentioned below. please read out the whole function to get an idea of what technology will all user are going to avail in coming months in their smartphones.

1. Material Design :- Users will enjoy a totally new interface. Android has introduced a more flatter, cleaner and more attractive and colorful display. Google has also changed some relative app which will going to follow the UI pattern. Users will feel a impression form the UI that there sliding paper stripes one over another.

2. Redesigned Navigation keys :-  The on screen navigation options or buttons will remain the same. The Back button will be triangular, To check open app you need to press Square Button and home screen button will be round in shape.

3. New App Switcher Menu :-  With this update users can check out their open tabs in Chrome along with the recent apps. Instead of app switcher, the new menu will look like a carousel. One can easily disable chrome tabs from showing in menu.

4. Overhauled Notification Panel :-  Notification and Quick Screen Toggles are the part of the single screen. User can get their notification on a white strip with dark text. When you pulled down once notification will be displayed and if you pulled it again then Setting toggles will be displayed.

5. New Lock Screen Notification :- notification can be attend without unlocking the screen. You can make reply to any notification without unlocking your phone scree.

6. More Control Over Notification :- You can choose the notification you want to see on your phone and can avoid other promotional notifications. Users from their settings can avoid unimportant messages and can allow only important notifications.

7. New Keyboard :-  Keyboard to type any text is totally changed. Users will get a white background on which text with black colors are represented. There are no border and and word are written separately.

8. New Dialer App :- The Dialer App also gets an update as the border separating the keys is permanently removed. The numbers are shown in blue color and there will be more white space.

9. Multiple User Profile :-  Users can set multiple user profile as per their choices. This will deduct interference of other checking your personal data and information.

10. Fitness Hub :-  It is offering the Health app from Google to track your all healthy activities, your foot count etc.