Top 5 Cloud Backup Services

Introduction – Cloud Backup is also known as online backup. It is a safe, secure and simple strategy for Backing up data.

Here we inform you about Top 5 Cloud Backup Services :-

1. Dropbox :- dropbox

  • 2 GB Free Space (Plus up to 16 GB for referrals)
  • Access to files right from the Dropbox website
  • Unlimited via desktop app
  • Window, MAC, Linux, IOS, Android, Blackberry supported
  • Best for : Seamless Document Syncing
  • Try Dropbox

2.Just Cloud :-

  • 100% free account availableJust Cloud
  • Unlimited storage for your Video, Music and File
  • Free iPad, Android, Blackberry Apps
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Anywhere file access, anytime
  • Bank – grade Encryption
  • Unlimited file shearing
  • Sync multiple computers
  • Full computer restore
  • Drag and drop
  • Locate lost laptop
  • Try Just Cloud

3.Suger Sync :-

  • Can be viewed on any internet ready mobile deviceSuger Sync
  • Limit access to certain files
  • Encrypted and redundancy
  • Automatic backups
  • Easy to share files and photos
  • 30 days free trail
  • Special pricing available for annual services
  • Can be used on multiple computer or devices
  • Try Suger Sync

4.Crash Plan :-

  • Simple and easy to use interface Crashplan
  • The same 448-bit security used in the enterprise editions are also used at the lower levels
  • Access files store on the crash plan server from any computer using a web browser to retrieve them
  • Crash Plan continuously checks for changes to information in order to provide the most resent catalog available
  • The Crash Plan software will automatically update itself without user input for the most up-to-date version available
  • Try Crash Plan

Comparison :-

Service Free Storage Streaming File Versioning Shearing Encryption
No Yes 7 Yes Yes AES-256
5 GB Yes 30 Versions Yes AES-256
50 GB No No Yes Local and Server (AES)
2 GB Yes 30 days Yes AES-256
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